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About NonCanonical

It started as three guys talking shit about comic books and comic book culture.

In the four years and more than 175 episodes since then, the NonCanonical podcast has grown into something much more. We’ve added two more to the crew, and brought you live shows, film presentations, convention appearances, and a number of regrettable court actions we’re prevented by injunction from discussing.

Every week we tuck into the best stuff in sequentials, whether it’s a hand-printed mini-comic or the latest blockbusters from Marvel and DC. We spotlight the most exciting work being produced on the local Australian scene, as well as bringing you interviews with the world’s leading comics creators, including Brian Wood, Becky Cloonan, Bill Willingham, Roger Langridge, Brian Clevinger & Scott Wegener, Jeff Parker, Farel Dalrymple, Greg Capullo, Brian Michael Bendis and Norm Breyfogle.

We are the weekly comic book podcast. And now we hope to become the comic book website.

Come meet the team…



Joe was born in a place where dreams come true. That’s a lie; in actual fact he was born in a hospital in Burton-Upon-Trent that has since been demolished. He loves Punk Rock and will tell anyone who cares to listen that the greatest punk rock show ever was The Bronx at the Gershwin Room in 2004 and he still marvels at the thought that Leatherface made it out here, like, a year ago. I mean, Leatherface. He literally thought he’d die without seeing them play live but there you go. 

He endeavors week in and week out to produce the best comic podcast ever recorded but instead puts out NonCanonical so people don’t think he’s sold out. This is of course a joke. Given the opportunity he would have sold out years ago.

Joey is the Wrenchman. He makes the podcast work. To use The Larry Sanders Show as an analogy he is Larry, Arty, Paula, Jerry, Tom and, for the amount of people he seems to annoy - Hank, all rolled up into the body of one English man.

He remembers a time and place when things were simple, and would kill the last surviving member of a rare species to go back there and ruin everything sooner.

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Hewn from rough granite boulders high atop the loamy windswept cliffs of a now forgotten land and raised poorly by his gnarled and broken creator, it took only a few moments of awkward conversation with the drunken braggart before Kane hobbled off on his ill-carved stony legs into the wilderness to explore the greater world, leaving his architect to wither and die.

Not long after his departure, he took a catastrophic spill while climbing the White Lady; one of the steeper Himalayan peaks. The snowy crevice his grotesque quartz form spiraled into eventually led to the Bay of Bengal. One mammoth breath in and a forty year trek along the sandy floors of the Indian Ocean led him to the barren Western Australian wastelands.

Struggling from the briny deep, barnacled and laden with exotic seaweeds, he dragged his malformed mass across the sun-scorched land in such a chaotic zigzag pattern that he made little progress in any discernible direction.

Resting in utter exhaustion from his aimless meandering, he may very well have succumbed to his numerous snake bites had he not found the cask of fine, fine whisky caught up in the knotted bramble of sea life trailing his silvery girth.

A combination of the unforgiving heat and the smoky, peaty Scotch whisky aged for no less than two-hundred years cracked the gargantuan slate form to reveal the stupid moron within - a full grown, shaggy man dressed only in a pair of cowboy boots.

Running out of steam in the bustling outer suburbs of Melbourne, he decided to rest his weary legs. Finding the act of hurting strangers while adorning their bodies in fine art filled his moist, throbby heart with joy, he spends most of his days acting out those fantasies.

When coaxed with false promises of crisp bacon or salty beef jerky he can be heard semi-regularly on NonCanonical (which he refers to quite mistakenly as “the Internet radio”).

You’ve been warned.



Larry Boxshall has been a comic book reader all his life. To him, women remain a baffling conundrum whereas the Marvel Universe makes perfect sense.

The gateway drug was The Incredible Hulk TV show starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno. The realization that it was based on a comic book blew his young mind and he had to have them all. When he found out the Hulk shared a universe with other characters like Spider-Man and Captain America and Wolverine and the X-Men, a passion for the love of sequential storytelling was born. In retrospect, his Father probably should’ve committed suicide. It would’ve been cheaper on the Boxshall family budget, and the grief may have forced the little shit to grow the fuck up. May have.

Larry’s involvement with the podcast started with episode #12 as replacement for Kane and Josh when they went on holiday. The challenge of replacing not one, but TWO panelists did not daunt him as he would constantly refer to his training from the one and only Don Lane. Larry worked for Don as his personal assistant from 1970 to 1986. The horrors of show business proved to be a far worse replacement for having dodged the draft in Vietnam. The daily grind of having to put up with Don’s every whim and flight of fancy would be a constant struggle for Larry, but the songs, comedy and variety would also be a constant delight. He took notes from every performance. These battered notebooks have since become the stuff of legend in the podcasting world and Larry guards them well.

Despite being the oldest member of the podcast at 91, Larry treats every episode like his last. It probably will be one day, if he keeps referring to himself as “everyone’s favourite cast member”.

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Josh spent too much time watching Ghostbusters and listening to deep cut Beasties tracks to properly develop the skills he would later require to “write a 500 word bio” or “do a podcast” or “talk to women”. But this is his house and these are his rules so he can write what he wants. And his dad thinks this whole podcast thing is great.

He loves rap and Seinfeld and the American’s support of peanut butter chocolate. The Reggie scene in Bad Boys II is also high on the list. He hates the 55 tram and bronies and Macklemore’s popularity (seriously, how did we let this happen, not even joking, enough already).

When Josh isn’t trying to destroy the podcast, he enjoys playing video games or watching action movies. He doesn’t take himself very seriously, knows how to juggle, and once rated an eBay seller’s NBA 2K7 transaction as a ‘slam dunk’.

His first comic book was a 1993 issue of Mad Magazine, the ‘Sitcom Super Special’ with a picture of a toilet on the cover that he had to purchase immediately. He wishes he could say things have changed (he laughed as he wrote about this). Since then, he’s opened his eyes to the wonderful world of genre comics, with a strong taste for crime, horror and science fiction. And Batman. All Batman everything.

He hopes you’re feeling okay. He cares.

‘You can’t look at a glass half full or empty if it’s overflowing’
- Kanye West.

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Lucas was the sole survivor of a distant planet, rocketed to Earth by his doomed parents moments before their world exploded. Found in a field by a kindly old couple, they took him in and raised him as their own, until they were tragically gunned down in front of him in an alley one night following a screening of Herbie Goes Bananas. Fleeing to seek help, Lucas stumbled into the path of an out of control truck, its load of radioactive waste crashing down on top of him, leaving him blind. Then he was struck by lightning. It was a pretty rough start.

Since then he has kicked on to become a television drama director and screenwriter, working with some of Australia’s biggest talents including Harold Bishop, Doctor Karl Kennedy, and that hot chick from Winners & Losers. He’s also made a number of award-winning short films including Street Angel, an adaptation of the cult independent comic by Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca. Street Angel played in festivals around the world, as well as the San Diego and New York Comic-Cons, and was recently voted by some guy on the internet as one of the Top 10 Fan Films ever made. True story.

Lucas isn’t quite sure how he came to be the newest member of NonCanonical. The other guys just announced it on the show one week without asking him, and he figured it was best not to rock the boat.

So now you’re stuck with him.

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