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Episode 181 - September 29th 2013 - Jonathan Case Interview!


This week we have an interview from Jonathan Case, comic reviews of some great British stuff from Titan and 2000AD and we talk about Larry's new best and worst comics of the year so far!

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  • Posted by Luke Robinson
  • on October 3, 2013
  • at 8:38 pm

Great work on the Jonathan Case interview Joe, I think it was the best yet, both pleasant and professional which is something of a surprise given that you had Larry as a sidekick, more surprising still was his good behavior and better questions. Loved it.

On the other hand the lack of ludicrous intro was a bit of a disappointment. Where were the tangents? The sexy, sexist stories? The bizarre but brutally funny gags? Though I can see why you went straight to the comics - this is an ideal intro episode for the new listeners - I did miss having that silliness to temper the more serious interview. Still, great work, thanks.

Also, the song before the interview began, does it have a name?

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